Warden Call Products

Grouped systems have a cable network linking multiple properties such as flats or bungalows to the onsite control equipment. The scheme manager has a desktop telephone or cordless Dect handset to enable them to talk to individual residence. When off duty, the warden call system is transferred to a control centre who are able to identify the resident, any special requirements they may have and to communicate with them. The grouped warden call system has a speech unit located centrally in the dwelling, pull cords in other areas and if the resident is vulnerable may also have a pendant to trigger a call. Telecare and Telehealth devices can be integrated with grouped systems.

Combined warden call systems integrate a grouped warden call system with door entry. Can be fitted as a wall mounted telephone handset, desk mounted phone or a remote unit.

Dispersed alarms are suitable for individual dwellings and work in a similar way to grouped systems. They require a normal power socket and connection to a telephone line. When a call is raised it is routed straight to a response centre or a mobile phone. They can also connect pull cords and pendants and most of the Telecare additions are available either as cabled or radio devices.

Telecare Devices are units designed to add functionality to grouped or dispersed alarms and assist independent living.



Telecare sensors include;

Flood detectors PIR Movement detectors Smoke detectors
Strobe light RNID smoke kit Vibrating pad
Gas detector Carbon monoxide detector Gas & CO detector
Heat detector Ambient Temperature monitor Temperature extremes detector
Pill dispenser Enuresis sensor Entry/Exit alarm
Epilepsy monitor Radio door contacts Door contacts & isolation switch
Personal pendant Bogus caller / Panic button Ceiling pull cord switch
Big button switch Air switch Attack pendant
Sensor controller Pendant aid Fall detector
Bed sensor Chair sensor Pressure Mat
Remote controlled mains switch Double phone adaptor

Telehealth devices are designed to use a warden call system as an aid to health monitoring by doctors and care professionals. Devices include;

Blood pressure monitor Pulse oximeter meter Precision weight scales

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