Nurse Call Products

Cabled nurse call systems have a 3 call level call point in every room with text display units located at strategic points such as nurse stations or corridors to indicate the full text address of the call. Although the alarm can be temporarily silenced at the display staff must go to the point of call to reset giving reassurance that no call will go unanswered. Units can include IR receivers to work with remote pendants, call leads, pressure sensors and PIR movement detectors. The main equipment can connect to a PC, pager system and a printer for enhanced call monitoring. Many systems are capable of call forwarding, night/day mode, local/global emergency settings.

Wireless nurse call systems work very similarly to cabled systems but communicate by radio signals. They are suitable for installation where a cabled system is not practical such as a listed building, temporary system or asbestos present environments. All call units are battery powered and it is important to have a system of regular checks and maintenance to ensure full functionality.

Specialist adaptations are available to cater for many environments.

Infra red call points Bed monitors
Passive movement monitors Blink switches
Air switches Extra long or short call leads
Attack alarms Extra large displays
Over door indicator lights External sounders

Hospital Systems: We are service providers for Mediplan Ltd providing 24/7 service response to large hospitals in the south of England.

Hearing Induction loops: Available in various sizes depending on their use. They can be permanently installed in a conference room or lounge or compact portable units are available for use in smaller areas such as interview rooms or single dwellings.

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