Fire in Shelter Housing and Care Homes

Our engineers have been trained by the Fire Industry Association (FIA) and have a full understanding of BS5839-1 as well as the Regulatory Reform Act (Fire Safety Order) 2005 but what does this all mean to you?

Fire Alarm

The British Standard, BS5839-1 sections 44 and 45 require that fire alarm system is tested weekly and maintained by a competent person at least once every 6 months. The weekly testing is an easy task that can be done by yourselves, we can instruct you on the process, but finding the right people to carry out your maintenance is important. We have the knowledge and expertise to be able to complete your maintenance in a way that limits the disruption to you and your residents. We understand that sometimes access isn’t easy and that noise needs to be kept to a minimum we have spent years working in sheltered housing and care homes so have a process in place to make it all run smoothly.

Emergency Lighting

There are lots of checks to do when it comes to fire safety and emergency lighting shouldn’t get missed. Under BS 5266 your emergency lighting needs to have a full discharge test once a year. Under normal conditions this is a 1 hour discharge but if you have anyone sleeping or a stay put policy then this is increased to a 3 hour discharge. Carrying out this test just once a year will keep you compliant but again you need to ensure that your lighting is being checked once a month. This ensures that it is still functioning but also helps to protect the batteries inside from damage.

Escape Signage

Finally you are required to ensure people can easily escape from your building and emergency escape / exit signs assist people in doing this. Under BS 5306-3:2009 there are various criteria for where you need signs and what type of signs that you need.

There is a lot to remember, even more British Standard’s and regulations when you talk about fire safety but we have an in house expert that can come to you, carry out a survey of your property and help to ensure that you are fully compliant with all the current regulation like BS5839-1 (fire alarms) or BS5266 (emergency lights).

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